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Think bluffing in poker is just about keeping a straight face? Then have a read through this article and see what the real art of bluffing can entail...

A Few Facts About Bluffing

Facts About Bluffing In PokerStart a conversation with anyone who does not play Sit and Go Tournaments, and they will no doubt discuss the art of bluffing.

From the outside in, the masses believe that bluffing is the most critical art in the game, but from the inside out, we understand that bluffing is just a very small part of what makes this game so alluring. Here are a few facts about the art of bluffing.

Bluffs Don't Work. It's human nature to remember the good times and forget the bad times. In poker, this means you will remember your awesome bluffs and forget the times you were called and made to look like a fool.

Over the long run, you will lose more money than you will win. Just remember that you don't get any additional money for adding star value to your bluffs.

People Always Bluff Calling Stations. It is the first rule of bluffing. Don't bluff someone who is likely to call you. Then why do we all do it all the time? How many times do we have to berate them for not understanding the genius of our play, before we realise that we are the true idiots?

Don't Take Too Long. Players do not often believe a bluff if the play has taken so long to materialise. If you try to bluff after a long dwell, you are more likely to get called. So, be counter-intuitive and take a long time to make your bluff. Just do not get too upset if you get clobbered for bad practice of ethics.

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