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Single Payline Pokie

3 Reel Single Payline Pokies are usually by far the simplest pokies to play. Often refered to as Classic Pokies. With a single payline, following your win is quite easy!


Multiple Payline Pokies

3 Reel Multiple Paylines Pokies can have quite a few paylines, usually criss-crossing the reels in sometimes very unexpected patterns.


Bonus Pokies

The 3 Reel Pokies can have one or many paylines, but what differentiates them from the other pokies is the bonus rounds that they offer.


Progressive Pokies offer players a huge jackpot. They are normally linked across the casino software's network to increase the jackpot amount.


Single pay line pokies were probably some of the first online pokie games to emerge from online casinos and are also knows as the classic pokies. They are probably also some of the most recognised pokie games.

But with technology improving, and computers becoming faster, these 3 reel pokies have changed some. They can now be found with themes, while others now have more than one pay line and some offer bonus rounds when certain images appear on the reels. Most importantly is that many have huge progressive jackpots.

On this page you will find the most popular 3 reel pokie games, ranging from the single pay line to the 3 reel progressive jackpot games.

3 Reel Single Payline Pokies

Single payline 3 reel pokies have three reels and one payline that wins are achieved on.

No. Name Software
1 Alchemist's Lab Pokie Alchemist's Lab Playtech
2 Reel Classic 3 Pokie Reel Classic 3 Playtech
3 Crazy 7 Pokie Crazy 7 Playtech
4 Jungle Boogie Pokie Jungle Boogie Playtech
5 Funky Monkey Pokie Funky Monkey Playtech
6 Party Line Pokie Party Line Playtech
7 Sultans Fortune Pokie Sultan's Fortune Playtech
8 Tres Amigos Pokie Tres Amigos Playtech

3 Reel Multiple Payline Pokies

The multiple payline pokies range from 2 payline to as many paylines as the online casinos can fit.

No. Name Software Description
1 Fountain Of Youth Pokie Fountain Of Youth Playtech 3 Reel 3 Payline
2 Goblins Cave Pokie Goblins Cave Playtech 3 Reel 3 Payline
3 Haunted House Pokie Haunted House Playtech 3 Reel 5 Payline
4 Neptunes Kingdom Pokie Neptune's Kingdom Playtech 3 Reel 5 Payline
5 Rock n Roller Pokie Rock n Roller Playtech 3 Reel 5 Payline
6 Vacation Station Pokie Vacation Station Playtech 3 Reel 8 Payline

3 Reel Progressive Pokies

Progressive Pokies are linked (usually via the online casinos using the same software provider) to get to jackpot values that are just unbelievable.

No. Name Software Description
1 Magic Slots Progressive Pokie Magic Slots
Playtech 3 Reel Single Payline
2 Safecracker Progressive Pokie Safecracker
Playtech 3 Reel Single Payline
3 Gold Rally Progressive Pokie Gold Rally
Playtech 3 Reel 8 Payline Line